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Beth Klunder Mortgage Lender


Hi, I'm Beth.

I am a Montana native who values the beauty of travel but finds Montana's charm unparalleled, especially considering the traffic congestion in other areas! My journey in real estate lending began in 1985 after graduating from college. Throughout my career, I've served as a loan processor, underwriter, and since 1998, as a real estate lender. My experience encompasses financing first homes, second homes, refinancing during rate drops, and now, assisting with the next generation's home purchases.

My approach revolves around fostering strong relationships with those I finance, ensuring they feel at ease reaching out with any questions or seeking advice on refinancing, upgrading, or downsizing their current property. I am a staunch advocate for homeownership, having witnessed several individuals increase their personal net worth through home equity accumulation, alongside tax advantages it offers. Being part of people's journey toward achieving the American dream of homeownership is truly fulfilling.