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What to Know About Your Debit Card While Traveling

These measures will help keep your account safe while away:

Debit card fraud is a large problem in many countries including the United States. To help protect you against this type of fraud, we have taken measures to keep your account safe.
If you are traveling within the United States and are shopping at a discount or big box store and are unable to complete your transaction with a signature, we recommend that you use your PIN (Personal Identification Number) instead.
In an effort to decrease your exposure to fraud, we limit the use of debit cards in foreign countries and some states. Therefore if you are planning to travel outside the state or the country and will be using your debit or ATM card, please contact us before you depart. We can be reached at 1.800.815.1444 or locally at 406.238.8820 during regular business hours. 
We look forward to working with you to increase the probability that your card will be accepted in  locations far from home..