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Workplace Culture

The Employee Experience

Our employees are our most valuable asset. You've likely heard that before.... But at Western Security Bank we invest in each and every team member with robust benefits, wellness programs and opportunities for professional education and career advancement. 

Centered in the largest city in Montana, Western Security Bank serves a diverse marketplace full of rich cultures and traditions. We tip our hats to our colorful heritage by providing a team-oriented workplace of dignity, respect, cultural diversity and inclusion. Only in this way can we truly provide an exceptional customer experience and fulfilling workplace worthy of our collective pride.

The Customer Experience

Our customer focused approach to banking allows us to build relationships with our friends and neighbors across South Central Montana while at the same time identifying the right blend of products and services that will allow them and their businesses to thrive. It feels good to effectively serve a customer and at WSB we invest in training and skills development that sets our team members up for success. This approach results in a rewarding and friendly workplace culture.

Forbes Magazine names Western Security Bank, Best in State 2020

A Philosophy to Live By

In 2001, a group of employees representing all areas of the bank was charged with crafting and communicating a mission statement. The task quickly grew into a philosophy that expanded beyond just banking and became the principles we continue to implement in our interactions with each other, our customers and the community at large.

We Are WSB!

Vision - To be the financial institution and employer of choice

Mission - Individually and collectively, we will exceed the expectations of our customers and our coworkers

Core Values 

  • Be There - Be fully present when interacting with customers & coworkers
  • Make Their Day - Make every interaction count
  • Choose Your Attitude - Recognize the attitude you have right now is the one you have chosen and if necessary, choose a different one
  • Play - Take your work seriously, but not yourself
  • Profitability - 

For those seeking a friendly and positive work environment, Western Security Bank is the ideal choice.